We offer a range of courses which are can be delivered as a half day or full day event. We are also providing  webinar based training which is ideal for professionals with limited capacity and available time. Webinars can be delivered as “lunch and learn” or “twilight learning” which enables professionals to benefit from continual professional development which doesn’t impinge on their working day.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness.jpg

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

e-learning package

Fully accredited e-learning package designed for anyone working in a front facing role with vulnerable children and young people.

Child Criminal Exploitation and county l

Child Criminal Exploitation & Country Lines

Full/ half day/ webinar

A review of  Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and County Lines models. Develop skills to identify of “push/pull” factors which may increase risk and vulnerability and an understanding of  the victim/offender overlap. Courses also offers a critical analysis of  how media framing of this issue impacts on perceptions, unconscious bias and inaccurate narratives.

Protective Behaviours.jpg

Protective Behaviours

Full/ half day

Protective behaviours supports children and young people to develop resilience and skills to identify situations where they feel unsafe or worried. This essential training equips practitioners with skills to help young people to develop empowering strategies to keep themselves safe in both familial and extra familial spaces.

Contextual Safeguarding.jpg

Contextual Safeguarding

Full/ half day/ webinar

An exploration of the principles of the Contextual Safeguarding approach and how the framework can be applied to protect children and young people who are at risk of, or experiencing harm in extra-familial contexts

Modern Slavery.jpg

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Full/ half day/ webinar

Understanding the Modern Slavery Act (2015) and its implications. Exploration of Modern Slavery in both an international and national context, and development practical skills to spot the signs of, and respond to Modern Slavery offences.

Adverse Childhood Experiences.jpg

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma 

Full/ half day/ webinar

A critical analysis of adversity in childhood and the potential long-term impacts across the life course. An exploration of the impact of toxic stress on neurological development and physiology, and practical skills to be able to provide a trauma informed response.

Child Sexual Abuse in the Familial Envir

Child Sexual Abuse in the familial environment

Full/ half day/ webinar

A critical exploration of Child Sexual Abuse which occurs in the home or trusted family networks. Understanding the impact of child sexual abuse and developing practical skills to support victims and survivors of abuse.




A concise overview of Prevent Duty and CONTEST. Develop practical skills to identify and safeguard children and young people who are at risk of radicalisation and extremism.

Complex Neglect.jpg

Complex Neglect

Full/ half day/ webinar

A detailed look at the types, causes and both short and long term impact of neglect. Increased awareness of the factors which may result in neglect and signs and indicators that a child may be being neglected. Development of practical skills to support a child and family where neglect is an issue.

Child Sexual Exploitation.jpg

Child Sexual Exploitation

Full/ half day/ webinar

Exploration of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), models of CSE, media framing and the impact on unconscious bias. This training also explores the signs and factors which may be indicative of exploitation and may increase vulnerability and risk.

Youth Mental Health First Aid.jpg

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Full/ half day

Courses are available for anyone who works with or cares for a child aged 8-18. This course develops skills and confidence to identify and respond to a range of mental health issues experienced by children and young people.


Safeguarding Supervision

Full day

Embedding regular and effective safeguarding supervision is essential for any organsiation. This one day, interactive course enables attendees to understand the legislative base and benefits of safeguarding supervison whilst enabling them to gain the skills they need to become skilled safeguarding supervisors. 


Peer Reflection Workshops

We are also available to provide peer reflection workshops to provide a regular, safe, supportive space to facilitate practitioners to reflect and continuously improve their practice. We do this by looking at recent rapid reviews, case studies and Serious Practice Reviews (previously Serious Case Reviews) to support learning and disseminate key themes and recommendations. 

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